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Diversity & Inclusion at the AGO

As a high-impact organization focused on protecting Ohio families, the Attorney General’s Office knows diversity is our strength. Office leaders make it a priority to incorporate diversity and foster inclusion in all levels of our office.

Our Commitment

The Attorney General’s Office is committed to providing robust professional development and a clear understanding of advancement opportunities because we believe both improve job satisfaction and performance. Using a strategic approach, we strive to develop programming that fits the needs of professionals at all stages of their careers in our office. This programming includes mentoring, career advising and training opportunities. We want to give diverse employees what they need to not only do their job, but to do it exceptionally well.

We believe diversity and inclusion drive innovation, productivity and engagement. We strive to create an organization that reflects the great diversity of Ohio. We value the difference each employee brings to the job, and we hear and acknowledge everyone’s perspective. This allows us to create a team-oriented, inclusive work environment that better serves our employees and better protects Ohio’s families.

If you have questions, please contact the manager of Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives at HR@OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov or 614-466-8911.

Our Priorities

The Diversity & Inclusion Strategic Plan keeps the Attorney General’s Office focused on meeting our ideal: a workplace where diversity and inclusion are fully integrated in all areas. The plan is designed to remain flexible, yet provide measurable objectives and defined goals.

Our Priorities

The plan demonstrates our three-pronged approach, which emphasizes creating diverse teams, engaging them to get the best results for our mission, and ensuring that our workers know how much they are valued.


The Attorney General’s Office is proud to provide opportunities for its employees to celebrate different cultures, share resources and connect with one another. This connection and awareness are important to foster our inclusive work environment.

Employees on our Diversity & Inclusion Committee volunteer their time and talent to implement, monitor and review the strategic plan described above. These Diversity and Inclusion Champions are dedicated to ensuring our priorities are more than ideals — that the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is living by them.

Employees also have the opportunity to get involved in any of our eight Employee Network Groups. These groups are wide ranging and showcase the diversity of our employees. Each group is charged with providing office-wide educational programming and internal group support.

Employee Network Groups

The Attorney General’s Office also offers Employee Enrichment Groups that allow team members to connect with one another through fun activities and programs designed to assist with skill development.

Community Connection

Opportunity Pipeline Initiatives: Our team believes in providing opportunities for individuals of all backgrounds, especially from underserved communities, to learn and experience the Attorney General’s Office. This includes working with local bar associations to identify candidates for summer clerkships and other positions in our office.

Community Engagement: Many of the sections of the Attorney General’s Office engage local communities through education and outreach programming to help fulfill our mission to protect Ohio’s families.

The Ohio Attorney General's Office does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, military status, national origin or ancestry. We strive to provide the best legal representation to the state of Ohio through inclusive practices that draw from diverse perspectives and experiences. These practices help enrich our workplace, provide the most effective representation for our clients and ensure our programs are available and open across cultures and abilities.