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How to Join the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing

The Attorney General’s Partnership for Competitive Purchasing identifies and prevents anti-competitive activities that can hurt local governments. The program is free to join and can help public purchasers safeguard their purchasing process.
Because anti-competitive schemes such as bid-rigging and price-fixing often are carefully and cleverly concealed, the program’s staff is specially trained to spot questionable activity that may go unnoticed by even the most astute public purchasing officials.
Participation in the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing is voluntary, but all state agencies, government entities, and political subdivisions are encouraged to participate.
Interested government entities can register with the Attorney General’s Office at 614-466-4328 or enroll online. At least twice a year, staff members from the Attorney General's Antitrust Section select a participating entity and schedule an on-site antitrust review. Entities that believe they have evidence of anti-competitive activity should contact the office so they can be given special priority for review. The review is not an audit of a government entity but rather a way for public officials to help ensure they are the best possible stewards of government funds.