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The Effects of Monopolies are No Laughing Matter

Recently, a nationally syndicated comic strip (think computer programmer with an iconic tie) poked fun at monopolistic behavior.  While a comic strip is meant to bring a chuckle to the reader, in reality, monopolistic behavior is no laughing matter.


The Ethics of Reporting Vendor Behavior

Imagine this scenario:  it is time once again for your organization to award the contract for the coming year’s supply of widgets. This scenario is designed to provide food for thought to help you weigh the ethical pros and cons of reporting suspicious vendor behavior. 


Buy, Sell, Bid Rig, or Price-Fix: Anticompetitive Conduct in the Foreign Exchange Trade

State and federal antitrust enforcers investigate various kinds of anticompetitive conduct that impede free and fair competition, and disadvantage consumers.


The Jungle: COVID-19 Edition

When Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle, he addressed much of the corruption which took place in the meatpacking industry. This then led to federal food safety laws, which were generally effective, but failed to eradicate corruption from the industry. Many say that, thanks to COVID-19, anti-competitive behavior within the meatpacking industry has only been exacerbated. In one particular case, plaintiffs continue struggling to stake a claim against Minnesota cattle ranchers and pork purchasers for violations amidst the economic uncertainty of COVID.


Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is power. Growing up in a family where education was the “family business”, this has been a guiding principle for me. As a former high school social studies teacher, I tried to instill this idea in all my students.  


Keeping Bidders Honest at Online Government Auctions

The competitive bidding process is designed to facilitate transparency and accountability in procurement, provide bidders with a fair and equal chance to compete for and potentially be awarded a bid, and allow purchasers to receive the best value and quality for the goods and services that they seek. As such, public purchasers rely on the competitive bidding process to best provide for the communities that they serve and safeguard the taxpayers’ money from bad actors or unscrupulous deals.


Viruses are not the Only Dangers That Lurk in Times of Crisis

Crises can bring out the best in people. In times of war, natural disasters, or pandemics like COVID-19, heroic individuals always seem to rise to the occasion. 


TV Screens and Karaoke Bars – A Strange Case of Collusion

Price-fixing occurs when two or more competing businesses conspire with each other to set pricing at certain price points in order to increase revenue.


It Pays to Stay in School

Judy Green was a public schoolteacher of more than 30 years, who used her knowledge of the E-Rate program, a funding program for schools, to market an illegal bid-rigging scheme to low-income, undeserved community schools.


Fast-Food Chains Agree to Remove No-Poach Agreements

Ever wonder if the grass is greener elsewhere? Employees of Dunkin’ Brands, Arby’s, Five Guy Burgers and Fries, and Little Caesars are now able to find out.

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