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A Case of Price-Fixing in the New York Waste Industry

A New York waste-hauling cartel exchanged texts about bid rigging, allocating customers, and fixing prices. The texts ultimately helped lead to criminal and civil penalties for the participants. 


Send Us Your Questions and Ideas

We encourage you to suggest a topic or ask a question of the legal staff of the Ohio Attorney General’s Antitrust Section. 


How to Join the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing

The Attorney General’s Partnership for Competitive Purchasing identifies and prevents anti-competitive activities that can hurt local governments. The program is free to join and can help public purchasers safeguard their purchasing process.


Spotlight: Meet Sara Coulter, Speaker for the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing

Sara Coulter is the newest attorney addition to the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing. She talks with public purchasers about antitrust laws and the legal elements of vendor collusion and bid-rigging. 


Safeguard Your Purchasing Process

To help public purchasers protect taxpayer dollars and safeguard their purchasing processes, the Ohio Attorney General’s Antitrust Section offers presentations on deterring vendor collusion both before and after bids are submitted.