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Quick reference card offers guidance in human trafficking cases

The Ohio Supreme Court has issued a bench card on human trafficking for common pleas and municipal courts, said Diana Ramos-Reardon, the court’s domestic violence program manager.

Bench cards are quick reference guides for courts.

“The cards are not intended to be a summary of the law, they are just intended to offer quick highlights about where to go for information,” she said.

“Awhile back, my section, the Children and Families Section, endeavored to produce tools that would be appropriate for juvenile courts in the area of human trafficking,” she said.

“As a result of those efforts, we developed a bench card for juvenile courts on human trafficking that included information on red flags, safe harbor issues, and court tips.”

After those cards came out, she said, it became apparent that common pleas and municipal courts could use similar bench cards.

The “Human Trafficking Bench Card” has practice tips for courts, red flags, and highlights of Ohio law, including a summary of penalties for traffickers and requirements for expungement for victims of trafficking.

The bench card is available online. Visit