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CART welcomes participation, suggestions

The first three hours after a child’s abduction are critical in determining whether the child will be found alive. If an abductor intends to kill a child, 74 percent do so within those first few hours. 
That’s why the Child Abduction Response Team (CART) is important. It’s a system to help quickly coordinate law enforcement capabilities and responses following a kidnapping. CART supports the investigation of the agency in charge, providing additional trained personnel to help as needed.
“Ohio CART coordinators can assist a requesting agency in its early assessment to determine what resources are needed and the quickest method to get them on site,” said Powell Police Chief Gary Vest, who chairs Ohio CART.
Active since 2006 in regions around the state, CART has aided in about a dozen missing persons cases involving children and elderly adults. Late last year, Ohio members began a review and revitalization of their efforts.
The Ohio Attorney General’s Office participates in CART through its Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Missing Persons Unit. In addition to providing financial support, the office assists with trainings, mobilizes regional CART groups in missing persons cases, and is helping with the reorganization. Other local, state, and federal agencies; search-and-rescue teams; medical personnel; and victim advocates also are active in CART.
CART is working to ensure that requests for help are met with the right array of personnel and resources. To raise awareness of the group, they welcome members to invite the participation of colleagues.
For details on CART: Contact Ohio CART Program Director Jeff Hill, 614-761-4603 or, or Brent Currence of the Ohio Attorney General’s Missing Persons Unit, 614-728-5431 or Information also is available by visiting the Law Enforcement Foundation’s website at and clicking on the CART link.