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Training focuses on the BASICS


By Alissa Romstadt

Domestic violence shelter manager Lorie Delaney knows how important it is for victim advocates to be properly trained. A domestic violence survivor, she now devotes her life to helping women recover at the Project Woman shelter in Springfield.

Delaney attended the ADVANCE Academy’s Basic Advocacy Skills in Crime Victim Services (BASICS) training presented by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office in September. Since then, she has recommended to her executive director that all of her colleagues participate in the five-day program.

BASICS is the most comprehensive training available to Ohio’s victim advocates. This year’s sessions are set for June 12–17 and Sept. 18–23 at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in London.

Delaney said the variety of topics covered in BASICS is its most valuable asset.

“Not all advocates have experienced abuse,” she said. “Each of the speakers helped me gain a different perspective.”

The BASICS training focuses on such topics as:

  • Crisis response and intervention
  • Sexual assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Child victimization
  • Cultural diversity
  • Victimization of disabled individuals
  • Homicide victims and survivors
  • Elder abuse
  • Financial assistance for victims
  • The criminal justice system
  • Legal advocacy
  • Death notification

“What we do is very important,” Delaney said. “Without the Attorney General’s Office, we would not be able to help our clients to the best of our ability.”

In addition to BASICS, the Attorney General’s Crime Victim Section offers ADVANCE Academy courses on such topics as collaborations involving victim advocates and law enforcement, elder abuse, navigating the criminal justice system, and caring for the caregiver.

To register for BASICS or learn more about other training opportunities offered by the Attorney General’s Crime Victim Section, visit