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BCI works to reduce lab times


To reduce turnaround times, the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation’s Laboratory Division is undergoing a comprehensive analysis, hiring additional personnel, and adding more technology.

“As of the end of 2010, law enforcement agencies needing evidence tested for DNA were looking at a total turnaround time of 125 days,” Attorney General Mike DeWine said. “We can — and will — do better than that.”

Turnaround times at the end of 2010:
DNA: 75.55 days
Biology: 49.91 days
Biology/DNA combined: 125.46 days
Chemistry: 42.85 days
Firearms and Toolmarks: 35.33 days
Latent Prints: 43.28 days
Questioned Documents: 4.89 days
Trace Evidence: 65.74 days
Gunshot Residue: 51.38 days
CODIS: 23.86 days

Polygraph: 4.73 days

Times represent the average evidence processing times of the London, Richfield, and Bowling Green labs combined.