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DeWine awards grants for drug use prevention education


At total of 152 law enforcement agencies throughout the state will receive more than $3 million in grants to use for drug use prevention education programs in public schools, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced. 

Sheriffs’ offices and police departments that receive money through the Drug Use Prevention Grant Fund will use it to establish or maintain drug abuse prevention education and awareness programs for students during the 2018-2019 school year. 

“Age-appropriate substance abuse prevention education every year, at every grade level is key,” DeWine said during his announcement on Aug. 22. “Evidence-based prevention education helps students develop the skills they need to make good decisions, stay drug free, and live healthier lives.”

The funded programs are required to provide education on over-the-counter and prescription drug abuse prevention education. 

D.A.R.E. and school resource officer drug use prevention programs were eligible to apply for the grants.  

The fund supports programs such as Botvin LifeSkills, D.A.R.E. Keepin' It REAL, PALS - Prevention through Alternative Learning Styles, Unique You, Too Good For Drugs, Reach Out Now, and Stay on Track.

To see the full list of award recipients, visit www.Ohio and click on “news releases.”