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Roundtable discussion centers on cybersecurity

Law enforcement officials, business owners, technologists, and education professionals gathered Oct. 12 at the Ohio Attorney General’s 2017 Law Enforcement Conference to talk about cybersecurity and the need for collaboration to fight cybercrime.

The roundtable, put on by the CyberOhio Initiative, was organized as a way to foster conversation about emerging threats, how to help businesses protect themselves, and how to respond to attacks.
“About a year ago, we started looking at the cyberthreat in Ohio and what role our office could play in battling that threat,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said. “We came up with the idea of CyberOhio. The idea is to get experts together to help small- to midsized businesses.
“For this meeting, we wanted to get everyone together to see how experts in cybersecurity and law enforcement can work together.”
The group’s conversation was varied and covered topics such as reasonable standards for data handling and security, risk assessment and analysis, barriers to starting a cybersecurity program, actions to take after a security breach, and the need for ongoing education for business leaders.
For information on cybersecurity education for businesses, send an email to the CyberOhio team at