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$3 million in grants awarded to 40 agencies

During a news conference in Strongsville, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced on Sept. 6 that 40 law enforcement departments and their partners will receive $3 million in grants to be used to replicate or expand partnership programs that address the opioid epidemic.

 “There is so much good work going on to fight this opioid epidemic and with this new grant money, we can make even more of a difference, as we all work together to save more Ohioans,”  DeWine said. “This opioid fight is challenging, but we can continue to make progress.”

The new grant money from the state budget will be administered by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. To be eligible for the money, each local law enforcement agency had to forge a working relationship with one or more treatment providers. The concept is based on the successes of Drug Abuse Response Teams (DARTs), such as in Lucas County, and Quick Response Teams (QRTs), such as in Colerain Township (Hamilton County) and Summit County. 

DART and QRT teams typically are made up of law enforcement officers working with drug treatment providers and others to assist overdose survivors in the recovery process. Team members visit survivors after an overdose and offer counseling and referrals to drug rehabilitation facilities for assessment, detoxification, on-going drug treatment, and aftercare. The teams work to reduce overdose-related deaths and repeated overdoses, and to increase the support network for survivors and their families.

DeWine made the announcement in Strongsville because the department is a grant recipient.

“I am optimistic that the local initiative being launched by the Strongsville Police Department will make a difference in the opioid crises,” said Strongsville Mayor Thomas Perciak. “I am so proud that the faith community, business community and local government have partnered in this effort.  And I appreciate the work being done by Attorney General Mike DeWine to make such local programs a reality.”

Grant recipients are expected to start using the money for law enforcement teams before the end of the year.

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