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Resources are a click away


Dozens of law enforcement resources are available on the Ohio Attorney General’s website. Here is a recap of the most popular available at

Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)

The Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG) is a secure, Web-based platform that provides valuable tools and resources.

One new feature provides security threat group information maintained by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC). Agencies can enter an individual’s name to see if ODRC lists him as being part of a gang or other security threat group; where he is or has been incarcerated; who else in his gang is in the same prison; and other details. The resource also lists whether an individual has tattoos (and provides photos of them) and notes scars and other marks. This could help identify a suspect with a certain tattoo, scar, or mark.

OHLEG’s Photo Lineup Wizard is now user-friendlier. The application, used to create lineups in a folder or six-photo array format, lets officers select the sources from which they pull photos so all images have similar characteristics. It also allows officers to upload photos of their own.

Peace Office Training Academy (OPOTA)

OPOTA has introduced a new feature that allows law enforcement officers and instructors to update their contact information at Police chiefs, sheriffs, peace officers, instructors, and basic training commanders can use the form to make sure they receive OPOTA’s regional training and curriculum updates.

The electronic OPOTA course catalog lists classes available at the London and Richfield campuses as well as regional trainings. OPOTA also announces regional trainings via e-mail.

Instruction also is available online through eOPOTA, which has expanded to include more than 60 courses.

An electronic Law Enforcement Directory provides contact information for Ohio police chiefs and sheriffs and links to the Ohio State Highway Patrol, state agencies, and Ohio correctional facilities.

Concealed carry resources

Concealed carry laws are covered in a new publication that includes an application. Download it via a link at