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Attorney General Offers Bid-Rigging Detection Program at No Cost to Ohio Public Entities

Our first issue of Competition Matters in August described Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Partnership for Competitive Purchasing, a program designed to take a proactive approach to bid-rigging detection. The partnership is a voluntary program open to all Ohio public entities — from township governments to state agencies and small school districts to public universities. The Attorney General’s Antitrust Section staff periodically select one registered public entity and provide an on-site review of the bid records for one or more products or services purchased by that entity.

The goal is to identify any signs that the entity’s vendors may have conspired. If signs of conspiracy are detected, the Attorney General’s Office may open an investigation and could recover funds for the public entity to compensate it for paying too much for the goods or services it bought from the conspirators. At the conclusion of the review, the Attorney General’s staff also offers helpful tips on ways to safeguard the competitive bidding process even more from unscrupulous vendors.
Many public entities ask how much participating in the program would cost them. The answer is nothing! Registration for the partnership is free and easy. Just visit the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing page and select Enroll in the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing.
There is also no charge if your entity is selected for review. The Attorney General’s staff makes every effort to make these reviews as unobtrusive as possible. Most reviews last two days or less, and very little of your staff’s time will be required throughout the process.
Attorney General DeWine believes the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing is a win-win proposition. By registering, you can help the Attorney General in his mission to seek out and stop vendors who break the law and overcharge the taxpayers of this state. Plus, you learn how to get the most out of your purchasing process with no drain on your budget. Why not sign up today?