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New Feature: Competition Matters Red Flag Series

Procurement professionals purchase goods and services based on many factors, including quality, service, and price. 


The Informed Purchaser: Defining Collusion

Occasionally, you may encounter terms or concepts unique to antitrust issues, competition, and schemes to exploit purchasers. 


Rock Salt Case Settlement Update

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that his office is sending checks to 850 Ohio public entities as part of the Attorney General’s $11.5 million settlement to resolve an antitrust lawsuit against Cargill Inc. and Morton Salt Inc. over past rock salt prices.


Get Free Help Identifying Collusion

Attorney General DeWine’s Partnership for Competitive Purchasing takes a proactive approach to bid-rigging detection.


Have a Question or Suggestion? Let Us Know!

We encourage you to suggest a topic or ask a question of the legal staff of the Ohio Attorney General’s Antitrust Section. 


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You can tailor the topics and timing of email communications from the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by visiting Email Updates.