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Spotlight: Meet Robert Yaptangco, Speaker for the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing

Robert Yaptangco recently joined the Antitrust Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office as an Assistant Attorney General and began working as a speaker for the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing.


When Disaster Strikes – Vendor Misconduct in Times of Crisis

In the weeks and months following a natural disaster, public officials must address damage to school and university buildings, city offices, and county courthouses.  They must replace equipment and vehicles destroyed by the storm.  In some cases, very strong tornadoes can even damage sidewalks, parking lots, and other pavement. 


Deterring Vendor Schemes Through Antitrust Enforcement

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office works hard to detect bid-rigging, price-fixing, and other anticompetitive acts by vendors.


Contractors Use Advanced Technology to Rig Bids on Insulation Installation Contracts

When it works as it should, competitive bidding is a process where purchasers issue bids to vendors who proceed to assemble the best proposals possible to compete for the opportunity to provide specific products or services.