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We Welcome Your Questions

We encourage you to suggest a topic, or ask a question of the legal staff of the Ohio Attorney General’s Antitrust Section. 


SPOTLIGHT: Meet Beth Hubbard, Administrator of the Partnership for Competitive Purchasing

Beth Hubbard, who coordinates the Attorney General’s Partnership for Competitive Purchasing Program, regularly talks to public purchasers about the partnership and the services the Attorney General’s Antitrust Section offers.  


Partner With Us to Keep Competition Healthy!

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s Partnership for Competitive Purchasing takes a proactive approach to bid-rigging detection. Our attorneys and investigators regularly work on issues related to anti-competitive activities, giving them the expertise to help you spot bid-rigging and price-fixing. 


Non-Collusion Affidavits: More than Filler for Your Bid Files

Non-collusion affidavits serve valuable purposes and should be an integral part of every bid project file. In these sworn statements, a vendor confirms that it has not colluded with any other vendors in preparing the bid.


Electronic Bidding Can Help Prevent Collusion

An online bid process can help prevent anticompetitive conduct. It can also present data security challenges. We’ve outlined principles that can help you protect the information you collect.