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Latent Print Unit

The tiny friction ridges that arch, line, loop and whorl across people’s fingers, palms and the bottoms of the feet are unique to them. The impressions these patterns leave in sweat and oil from the skin’s surface on materials around them are latent prints, and they help solve crimes throughout Ohio.

The Latent Print Unit examines evidence for the presence of such prints using visual, chemical and physical methods. The forensic scientists compare prints determined to be of value from crime scenes and other evidence with submitted standards or those in state or FBI records — all with the goal of identifying the person who left the prints.

The unit utilizes two voluminous biometric databases: the Ohio Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system. They hold millions of records of prints, other biometric information and criminal histories. BCI also maintains an Unsolved Latent Database (ULDB), which runs daily searches looking for matches in the larger AFIS.

Latent Print Unit
Unit Contacts
Mark Losko
London Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
740-845-2523 | Mark.Losko@OhioAGO.gov
Cassandra Agosti
Bowling Green Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
419-419-3572 | Cassandra.Agosti@OhioAGO.gov
Barbara Hoover
Richfield Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
234-400-3683 | Barbara.Hoover@OhioAGO.gov
Jennifer Duvall
BCI Laboratory
Comparative Sciences Laboratory Manager
740-845-2514 | Jennifer.Duvall@OhioAGO.gov