Past Ohio Attorney General 1929–1949
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Past Ohio Attorney General 1929–1949

Profile headshot of Gilbert Bettman
Gilbert Bettman
Attorney General of Ohio


Gilbert Bettman personally conducted and secured convictions in a Cleveland voter fraud investigation during his term as attorney general. He began his career in public service as Counsel Director of the War Risk Bureau, and during World War I he was a captain in the United States Army. After the war, he was elected chairman of the National Committee on War Risk Insurance and, in 1920, was appointed to the Land Settlement and Home Aide Committee.

Profile headshot of John W. Bricker
John W. Bricker
Attorney General of Ohio


John Bricker's service to Ohio began when he served as a chaplain in the United States Army during WWI. He gained experience early in his political career as assistant attorney general and counsel to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. His service as attorney general won him the Republican nomination for governor in 1936 and he was elected for three consecutive terms. As governor, Bricker took action against the growing centralization of government and the growing dependence on federal bureaucracy.

Profile headshot of Herbert S. Duffy
Herbert S. Duffy
Attorney General of Ohio

1937–1939, 1949–1951

During his terms as attorney general, Herbert Duffy settled a famous case against the Ohio Bell Telephone Company. This case was brought before the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio, the Supreme Court of Ohio, and the United States Supreme Court before it was finally settled, a process that lasted 14 years. Duffy also served Ohio as national commander of the American Legion at the Inter-Allied War Veteran's Congress in Brussels, Belgium, in 1935.

Profile headshot of Thomas J. Herbert
Thomas J. Herbert
Attorney General of Ohio


Thomas Herbert earned much political acclaim during his terms as attorney general. While in office, he served as a member of the Board of Managers of the Council of State Governments and of the House of Delegates of the American Bar Association. He was also elected president of the National Association of Attorneys General. Herbert also served as Ohio's 56th governor and enacted six laws reducing certain taxes and initiated many programs to help the citizens of Ohio.

Profile headshot of Hugh S. Jenkins
Hugh S. Jenkins
Attorney General of Ohio


Hugh Jenkins took an active role in the American, Ohio, and Mahoning County Bar Associations during his service as attorney general. Before being elected to the Office of Attorney General, Jenkins served Ohio as chairman of the Board of Tax Appeals. He was also the administrator of the Ohio State Bureau of Unemployment Compensation.