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Legislative Update: Designated Public Service Worker

Under Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43(A)(1)(p) the residential and familial information of a “designated public service worker” is not public record and can be redacted from any records before they are released. In addition, Revised Code Section 149.45(D)(1) allows a “designated public service worker” to request that a public office or a person responsible for public records, other than a county auditor, redact his or her address from any record made available to the general public on the internet. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office is required to develop a form for this purpose, per Ohio Revised Code 149.45(D)(4).

Recently, the General Assembly expanded the list of “designated public service workers” found in Ohio Revised Code Section 149.43(A)(7). The list now also includes:
  • Designated Ohio national guard member
  • Protective services worker
  • Emergency service telecommunicator
  • Forensic mental health provider
  • Mental health evaluation provider
  • Regional psychiatric hospital employee
These individuals’ residential and familial information is no longer a public record and they can use a redaction form to request that a public office redact their address from any public record made available on the internet. In light of these changes, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office updated the Request to Redact Address Form here. The updated form contains a complete list of “designated public service workers.”