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2014 Continuing Professional Training - reminder


Agency Administrator,

This is just a reminder that the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission set four hours of continuing professional training (CPT) for 2014.  To be eligible for reimbursement for any of the required hours, 1 hour of CPT must include critical subject training related to crimes against families and the remaining 3 hours may be on any general law enforcement topic.  I’ve included an attachment which fully details the CPT requirements, reimbursement criteria, and contains a frequently asked questions document.

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy has many free and reduced cost course offerings available which can satisfy the CPT requirement.  The 2014 course catalog is available for viewing on OHLEG and is also available on the Attorney General’s website at, http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Law-Enforcement/Ohio-Peace-Officer-Training-Academy/Course-Catalog.aspx.  At this link, the online catalog has a category, 2014 CPT Crimes Against Families Offerings.  This category includes both traditional and eOPOTA courses which can be used to satisfy the 1 hour critical subject requirement and includes a new online course on interviewing child sexual abuse victims, Finding Words.

Additionally, workshops offered at the Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Conference, October 28-29, can be used to satisfy this year’s training requirement.  Attendees can choose 5 of 30 workshops to attend.  There will even be workshops which would meet the crimes against families requirement.  More information on the conference, including workshop descriptions and this year’s featured speakers, will be sent out in mid-August.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office, at 740-845-2700, for questions or concerns.


Mary E. Davis
Executive Director
Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy/Commission
1650 St. Rt. 56 SW
London, Ohio  43140
PHONE: 740-845-2700

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