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Reporting wire-transfer fraud

If you or someone you know loses money in a scam involving a wire transfer, file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and report the fraud to the wire transfer company.

Report fraud to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office by filing a consumer complaint at or calling 800-282-0515. Keep in mind that once money has been sent via wire transfer, it can be very difficult – if not impossible – to recover. Nevertheless, complaints are an important tool for tracking potential criminal activity.

Also notify the wire-transfer company that you or the victim used to send the payment.

For example, if your transaction involved MoneyGram, file a fraud report with MoneyGram by calling 800-MONEYGRAM (800-666-3947).

If the transaction involved Western Union as the means of sending payment, file a fraud report with Western Union by calling the Western Union Fraud Center at 800-448-1492. (Both MoneyGram and Western Union provide fraud information on their websites.)

Similarly, if your transaction involved a Green Dot MoneyPak card, report the fraud to Green Dot. If it involved your bank, report it to your bank.


File a complaint - Ohio Attorney General’s Office
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