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Dollar General settlement brings help to Ohioans

In November 2023, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced that the bulk of a $1 million settlement with Dollar General would go to food banks or other hunger-relief organizations in each of the state’s 88 counties.

Under an agreement reached between Yost’s office and Dollar General, $750,000 of the settlement money was distributed to food banks for the purchase and distribution of food and/or personal-care items. Each county auditor chose the beneficiaries in his or her county to receive the funds.

Dollar General, a Tennessee-based discount retail chain with more than 980 stores in Ohio, charged more for some items at the register than the price marked on the shelves, and failed to adjust for the lower price when customers pointed it out.

County auditors conduct inspections at retail businesses to make sure products ring up at the correct price. The Dollar General case originated in Butler County, and many other auditors eventually uncovered similar errors upon inspecting Dollar General stores in their counties.

In addition to monetary relief, the settlement requires Dollar General to make various changes to ensure that its products ring up at the correct price:
  • It must staff its stores sufficiently to keep shelf tags updated.
  • If a consumer points out that the register price is higher than the shelf price, the checkout clerk must adjust the price to match the shelf tag; in addition, the shelf tag must corrected within 24 hours.
  • District managers must conduct random price checks every 45 days.
  • Stores that receive three “failed” auditors reports within six months must complete a full-store assessment and check the price of every item in the store to ensure accuracy.
  • The company also must educate all employees about this policy and post signs in its Ohio stores informing customers of the same.
Ohioans who suspect unfair business practices should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at or 800-282-0515.