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Recurring subscriptions: Time for an assessment

With many Ohio families on a tight budget, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office encourages consumers to review all recurring subscriptions and cancel any that are seldom or no longer used or no longer wanted.

The office suggests an audit based on the “three R’s”: Review, Reconsider and Remove.
  • Review your ongoing subscriptions. Look at your subscription payments for various products and services by reviewing monthly credit-card, debit-card, and bank-account statements. Examples of potential ongoing charges include print and online magazines; streaming platforms for television, movies and music; product-of-the-month clubs (foods, coffees, teas, etc.); and mobile-device apps with monthly fees.
  • Reconsider your recurring charges. Based on your review, discuss the needs and wants of your household. Identify products and services you’re paying for that you rarely or never use and consider less-expensive options or scaled-down versions. Be skeptical. Ask whether you genuinely need a subscription service or can give it up to save money.
  • Remove subscription services you no longer want or need. For subscriptions you plan to cancel, find out how to do so to avoid any future shipments and charges. Contact each company that bills your credit or debit card and state your decision. Keep copies of all documents and records of your communication with the company. If applicable, record the dates on which you mailed forms or letters rejecting future shipments.
Be sure to continue closely reviewing your credit-card and/or debit-card statements, looking for any charges you weren’t expecting or charges for products or services you canceled.

If you find charges for products you didn’t order, first try to resolve the problem with the company. If the company isn’t responsive, contact your credit-card or debit-card company to dispute the charge. Ask the card company to reverse the charge because you didn’t authorize the products or services.

Consumers who need help resolving a complaint against a business, or who suspect a scam or an unfair business practice, should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at or 800-282-0515.