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Don't pay for government job information


Although Ohio’s unemployment rate has dropped, scam artists continue to advertise phony job opportunities, hoping to take advantage of job seekers who may be desperate to find employment.

A recently reported job scam requests a $38 fee to apply online for state jobs and civil service testing. In reality, government job information is available for free at (state jobs) and (federal jobs).

Some scammers trick consumers into making small initial payments, so that the scammers can later charge the consumer’s credit card for a much larger amount.

Other scams ask that job seekers pay high fees for information, training sessions or promotional materials that turn out to be useless. Scammers fail to deliver on their promises, and victims end up losing hundreds, even thousands, of dollars.

Signs of a job scam include:

  • Demands for cash or up-front payments
  • Unrealistic salaries
  • Vague job descriptions
  • Interviews in suspicious locations
  • High-pressure sales tactics
  • No written information provided
  • Requests for personal information

Regardless of the claim, if a company says you must pay before you can accept or apply for a job, it’s probably a scam. Be very wary even if a company promises exclusive information, job training, starter kits or other materials,.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


Report a job scam — Ohio Attorney General's Office

Ohio government jobs — State of Ohio

Federal government jobs — USA Jobs