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New Publications Offer Guidance on Ohio’s Fair Employment, Fair Housing Laws

The Ohio Attorney General’s Civil Rights Section has produced two new publications to help employers and landlords navigate Ohio’s fair employment and fair housing laws. 


A Discussion with Commissioner William W. Patmon III

The word that best sums up Commissioner Patmon is passion – passion for the law, passion for the Commission’s mission, and passion for treating everyone fairly. 


The Three R’s - Retaliation, Religion, and “Regarded As” -- Recent Commission Decisions

Retaliation remains a serious problem in cases before the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. 


When You Know, You Know -- Religious Accommodation in the Workplace

When Samantha Elauf, who is Muslim, interviewed for a position with Abercrombie & Fitch, she wore a hijab (headscarf). 


A Charge is Filed Against Your Small Business, Now What?

You own a small business with a handful of employees and you don’t have in-house legal counsel.