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Heroin Recognition and Investigation Training for Law Enforcement Begins


(LONDON, Ohio) -- Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced today that new training developed to assist law enforcement officers in the fight against the heroin epidemic is now available.

Ninety-four officers representing 48 agencies from 24 counties attended the "Heroin Epidemic: Recognition and Investigation" training provided by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in London, Ohio, Wednesday.

The free training was developed after data gathered by Attorney General DeWine last year revealed a 107-percent increase in heroin overdose deaths among more than half of Ohio's counties.

"We believe that heroin is now in every community in this state.  People from every walk of life are getting addicted, and it is tearing families apart," said Attorney General DeWine.  "This training will help make sure law enforcement has the most up-to-date information on fighting and preventing heroin abuse, which will be especially beneficial for communities where heroin is still a relatively new problem."

The training addresses topics such as the extent of the heroin problem in Ohio, recent trends in abuse and trafficking, demographics of new heroin users, investigative strategies, and relevant legal issues.

The course also puts focus on heroin use and trafficking in high school environments and includes presentations from a prevention expert, a mother of an overdose victim, and a former heroin addict.

Additional training sessions will be held in the Toledo, Cincinnati, and Cleveland areas next month.

The "Heroin Epidemic: Recognition and Investigation" training is part of a new, multi-pronged effort to fight heroin abuse and trafficking that was launched by Attorney General DeWine last year.  Attorney General DeWine also expanded his office's drug prevention efforts and formed a new Heroin Unit to assist local law enforcement in targeting high level drug traffickers.


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