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AG Yost Extends TALEN Pilot Program, a Crime-Fighting Tool for Law Enforcement


(COLUMBUS, Ohio)— A pilot program that helps law enforcement track and solve crimes in real time using live-video feeds has been extended through June 2024, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced today.

The program, called TALEN (Technology Anonymized Law Enforcement Notification), was launched in August of 2022 and now has five partner law enforcement agencies in the Miami Valley. Fusus was selected as the vendor of the web-based tool, which streamlines public and private video feeds for law enforcement use.

“TALEN is like a supercharged, technology-enabled neighborhood watch,” AG Yost said. 

“When a call comes into police, there may be information available already from a video feed somewhere in the area. You may be able to see the bad guy leaving, catch a license plate, get a description – or sometimes you might even see the bad guy doing the bad thing right on camera.”

The program – being piloted by Yost’s office through the police departments in Dayton, Miamisburg, Trotwood and West Carrollton, and the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office – is designed to speed the rate at which law enforcement can solve crimes. The program extension, Yost said, will allow for more data to be collected and for additional feedback from law enforcement, businesses and the community.

TALEN works by utilizing both public and private video feeds already present in the communities. The video footage might come from cameras monitoring schools, traffic, parks, or shopping areas. Personal doorbell cameras can be added to the network with permission from residents in the pilot area. 

TALEN has been successfully used in investigations of a homicide, a felonious assault and a juvenile drowning, and in a school-safety response exercise.
“I’m grateful for the commitment and cooperation of our pilot partners,” Yost said. “TALEN is going to make our streets safer.”

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