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Concealed Carry Opinions

The Attorney General provides formal opinions for the county prosecuting attorneys, the law directors of home rule townships, the houses of the General Assembly, and the offices and agencies of state government.  Formal opinions are not prepared for private citizens.


Requested by: Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney
No individual employed in a security position by a private or public school may be armed while on duty unless he or she has completed an approved basic peace officer training program, or has completed twenty years of active duty as a police officer. R.C. 109.78(D). An individual who is employed by a school in a non-security position may carry a deadly weapon while on duty pursuant to the written authorization of the board or governing body. R.C. 2923.122(D)(1)(a).


Requested by: Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney
County sheriff may not issue an Ohio concealed handgun license to a person who is not eligible under federal law to receive or possess a firearm.


Requested by: Gallia County Prosecuting Attorney
License to carry concealed handgun, licensee's change of address, notification to LEADS


Requested by: Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney
Concealed handgun licensing law, journalist access to confidential information, prohibition against copying


Requested by: Preble County Prosecuting Attorney
CCW law, authority of county commissioners to ban carrying of a concealed handgun on county fairgrounds


Requested by: Fairfield County Prosecuting Attorney
Concealed handgun license, denial of issuance based upon chronic alcoholism or drug dependency


Requested by: Portage County Prosecuting Attorney
CCW: sealed criminal record of an applicant for a concealed handgun license


Requested by: Lorain County Prosecuting Attorney
Off duty concealed carry, law enforcement officers