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Firearms Unit

The manufacturing process uniquely marks firearms, meaning that individual guns can leave distinct marks on any bullets and cartridges fired from them. These marks make it possible to link such evidence back to the originating weapon.

Scientists in the Firearms Unit conduct ballistics examinations to tie ammunition and related components to particular firearms.  For example, many valuable items manufactured today, including firearms, have serial numbers die-stamped for identification. When serial numbers are removed and/or obliterated, forensic scientists in the Firearms Unit can utilize a variety of techniques to restore the original serial number.

Firearms and Toolmarks Unit

Database notes

A database of serial numbers from guns reported stolen in Ohio, which is operated by the Attorney General’s Office, can be found at this link.

BCI takes part in the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network (NIBIN), a computer-assisted ballistics imaging system that stores and compares images of the unique markings made on fired cartridge cases. NIBIN is also useful in linking crimes previously thought to be unrelated.

Unit Contacts
Mark Losko
London Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
740-845-2523 | Mark.Losko@OhioAGO.gov
Cassandra Agosti
Bowling Green Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
419-419-3572 | Cassandra.Agosti@OhioAGO.gov
Barabara Hoover
Richfield Laboratory
Laboratory Supervisor
234-400-3683 | Barbara.Hoover@OhioAGO.gov