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Elder Abuse Commission's 2022 Elder Abuse Awareness Day Event

The Elder Abuse Commission’s 2022 Elder Abuse Awareness Day Event, A Strong and Just Ohio: Reframing the Elder Abuse Discussion, was held virtually on Wednesday, June 22, 2022. The webinar featured Julie Schoen and Alycia Cisneros from the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) and several Elder Abuse Commission organization members. 

The webinar explained the importance of all of us supporting and promoting the reframing elder abuse discussion. We learned how to restructure our communities and place elder abuse on the public agenda, generate a sense of collective responsibility, and boost support for systemic solutions to preventing and responding to elder abuse effectively.

The Elder Abuse Commission believes that events and activities like this, that commemorate Ohio Elder Abuse Awareness Day annually, provide an opportunity to increase elder awareness state-wide. The Commission members are proud of Ohio’s continuous progress in its work to protect Older Adults. However, we still have much to accomplish. This webinar reinforced what we know and pushed attendees to identify new ways to work together towards a strong and just ohio for everyone.

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