Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions



How do I file a complaint against a doctor or other healthcare provider?
Each regulatory board has its own process for accepting complaints against its licensees, and may permit complaints to be filed by phone, in writing, or online. Please contact each board directly to file a complaint.

How do I obtain a copy of a board action against a licensee?
Many boards publish such actions on Ohio’s eLicense Center website, After verifying the provider’s license as described above, click on the licensee’s name, scroll down, and click on “View Documents.” If the board does not publish the orders on this website, you can obtain the order by contacting the board directly.

How do I verify the licensee of a healthcare provider?
You can look up the provider’s name on the Ohio eLicense Center website, You must select the board that regulates the profession (such as Medical Board, Nursing Board, etc.), and then enter all or part of the licensee’s name.

Where can I find Ohio law and rules regarding the regulation of healthcare licensees?
Many Ohio regulatory boards publish applicable law and rules on their websites. In addition, the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code are available online at To find statutes relating to healthcare professions, click on “Ohio Revised Code,” and then “Title 47.” Ohio Administrative Code rules correspond with the Ohio Revised Code Chapter. For example, statutes relating to chiropractors are contained in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4734, and rules relating to chiropractors are contained in Ohio Administrative Code Chapter 4734.