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How do I complete a background check if I am in Ohio?

Choose a vendor from this list and contact the vendor for more information.

How do I complete a background check if I am not in Ohio?

Go to the AGO website at and under BCI Criminal Records and Background Checks, print the fingerprint card you need. Fingerprints can be rolled onto the card by any agency that performs this service in your area.

How do I get a copy of a previously completed background check?

Follow the background check copy procedure and submit the background check copy request form.

How do I submit a FBI background check for personal use?

BCI can only process FBI background checks for specific types of Ohio employment. If you need a FBI background check for personal use, please contact the FBI at 304-625-5590 and follow their instructions for submitting fingerprints directly to their office.

What do I do if someone has misused my social security number?

Click this link.

What if an error is made by a Webcheck agency when my information is submitted for a background check?

BCI recommends that all Webcheck agencies double check their entry before submitting a transaction. BCI cannot change information once it is submitted to our office. A new background check must be submitted. No credits will be issued for submission errors.

What if I need a background check for immigration purposes?

A BCI background check can be submitted for immigration purposes. A list of Ohio vendors who can perform such checks are listed here.

A FBI background check cannot be submitted to us for immigration purposes. Please contact the FBI at 304-625-5590  or visit for more information.

What if I receive a rapsheet and think there is an error?
Please follow the instructions to Request for Challenge and Review of Criminal History Records.

What if I receive a rejection letter for a BCI or FBI background check?

When receiving a rejection letter on a BCI or FBI background check, review the reason for the rejection. You will receive a separate result for the BCI and FBI background checks, so don’t assume that if you receive a rejection letter that it pertains to both results. You will need to submit a new set of fingerprints for the rejected background check.

What is a disqualifying offense?

A disqualifying offense means that if the individual committed a certain offense, that person may be prohibited from employment with the organization.

Who can I call about background checks?

The Civilian Identification Department of the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation can be reached Monday through Friday toll-free at 877-224-0043 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Where can I obtain a list of reportable offenses for adults and juveniles?

That information is available via this webpage:

How do I obtain an updated ORI list for the LiveScan machine?

Your agency's LiveScan vendor can contact the Attorney General Office's ITS Support by calling 1-800-750-7922 or emailing

Who can I contact if I have questions about LiveScan or fingerprint card submissions?

These members of BCI's Identification Division are available to offer help: 

Conchita Matson, Criminal Identification Supervisor:

Rob Sollars, Quality Assurance Manager:


Court question: Can I make a correction, modification or addition to a previously submitted disposition?

Yes. To do so, fill out the Court Correction Form on this webpage:

Court question: How do I get an email address set up to electronically submit dispositions?

Contact the Attorney General Office's ITS Support by calling 1-800-750-7922 or emailing

Court question: Where can I find definitions of electronic disposition error messages?

Definitions of electronic disposition error messages can be found in this document:

Court question: How do I report a vacated sentence?

The document on this webpage includes instructions for how to report a vacated sentence:

Juvenile court question: Why does BCI return juvenile ten print cards and related documents?

The BCI Identification Division returns juvenile ten print cards and related documents when the arrests have been sealed or deleted due to a dismissal or an adjudication to an offense that is not reportable. 
This is in compliance with Ohio Revised Code 2151.313(B)(1).