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Purchasing Webcheck Equipment

1. Establish a New Billing Account or Unique ID for New Equipment

Complete this request form for a new account or unique ID for new equipment and email it to

A new WebCheck® account cannot be established if the agency has an outstanding balance. If you have questions about an existing account, please call the Attorney General Finance Section at 740-845-2613.

2. Submit a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Mail a signed original Memorandums of Understanding to:
Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation
Attn: Civilian Quality Assurance Unit
P.O. Box 365
London, OH 43140

Download the WebCheck® Memorandum of Understanding.

3. Purchase a WebCheck® System from a Certified Vendor

Purchase a WebCheck® System from the companies listed as WebCheck® certified vendors. BCI will not accept WebCheck® transactions from a system that has not been certified.

4. Schedule WebCheck® Training

National Webcheck® providers must receive training prior to operating the system. All National Webcheck® users must arrange training through their vendor.

5. View Invoices and Statements

For current WebCheck Agencies, authorized users can access the AGO Secure Website.

Download the PORTAL USER GUIDE: Statement Viewer For WebCheck.