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04/20/21 Richland County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR008                             
Whether a board of county commissioners paying 40 percent of the employer share of premiums or funding levels established by a city for its healthcare self-insurance program satisfies the county’s duty to a pay two-fifths share of the “costs, premiums, or charges for the group health care coverage” pursuant to R.C. 1901.111(C)(2) and R.C. 1901.312(C)(1)(a).

04/20/21 Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR007                        
Whether an individual may serve simultaneously as an elected township trustee and as a full-time paid deputy sheriff in a township that contracts with the sheriff’s office for law enforcement services.

03/31/21 Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR005
What statute(s) apply to a township town hall renovation project and whether any portion of that project requires voter approval.

02/26/21  Allen County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR004
Whether legislative amendments to R.C. 305.02 affect the length of the term for appointments made as a result of a vacancy of any of the county offices listed in R.C. 305.02(A).

02/16/21  Miami Township Law Director – 2021OPR002 
May a part-time city prosecutor, paid for by the township pursuant to an agreement authorized by resolution of the board of trustees, and hired to prosecute criminal offenses under state law arising within the unincorporated area of the township, also represent criminal defendants for violations of state law in other jurisdictions?

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