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06/23/21 Lake County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR014                                    
Whether a board of county commissioners is permitted to incorporate a nonprofit convention and visitors’ bureau, and whether the excise tax levied on hotel lodging pursuant to R.C. 5739.09(A)(1) may be given to more than one convention and visitors’ bureau.

06/02/21 Sandusky County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR012                  
Whether a joint self-insurance pool operating pursuant to R.C. 9.833 may join an out of state or foreign captive insurance pool to purchase stop loss insurance, and if so, whether there are any licensing requirements the out of state or foreign captive insurance pool must fulfill.

06/01/21 Coshocton County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR011                  
What county official is specified by the term “local authority having jurisdiction over such highways” when referred to in R.C. 4519.41(B)?

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