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Environmental Enforcement Unit

Mission Statement

We are committed to serving the law enforcement community and protecting the citizens of Ohio, our environment and natural resources by investigating and prosecuting those who violate Ohio's environmental laws.

Who We Are

The Environmental Enforcement Unit is a part of both the Environmental Enforcement Section and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation that investigates criminal environmental activity within the State. The Unit consists of BCI Special Agents who are certified peace officers and who have specialized training and experience in the investigation and prosecution of environmental crimes. In addition, the Agents are trained to handle hazardous and toxic substances safely.

What We Do

The Environmental Enforcement Unit Agents are available to assist any local or state law enforcement entities in the investigation of any suspected environmental criminal activity including, but not limited to, dumped toxic and hazardous waste, dumped solid waste/scrap tires, illegal open burning and other air pollution violations, failing to provide safe drinking water and water pollution violations. The Unit also routinely coordinates closely with other specialized federal, State and local environmental criminal investigators throughout the State and can facilitate their assistance in any investigation as may be necessary.

To contact the Environmental Enforcement Unit, call 800-348-3248 or email

For any emergency or after business-hour assistance, call the Ohio EPA hotline at: 800-282-9378.