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Conducting Successful Interviews and Interrogations

By knowing and performing proper interview and interrogation techniques, law enforcement officers can more easily resolve investigations.


Learn New Shooting Techniques

Many officers learn to shoot with both hands, but research has shown that in high stress situations the brain will take the shortest route possible to a solution. That often means officers unconsciously shoot with one hand. This course will introduce the latest shooting techniques and take students through various drills, so they’re equipped in any situation.


Investigate and Detect the Truth

Take the next step to determine whether a witness or suspect is being truthful. This advanced course builds upon the technique and skills students learned in the basic course. Students will analyze more complex statements and transcripts from oral interviews and interrogations. 


Hands-on Driving With SUVs

As law enforcement agencies begin replacing more of their sedan fleets with SUVs, it will be important to prepare officers to safely handle the larger vehicles. Students will participate in hands-on exercises and drills, including off-road driving.


Guard Against Inmate Manipulation

Corrections officers and employees who have helped inmates with escape plots, provided them with drugs, or supported other illegal or unethical behavior are usually manipulated by an inmate to break the rules. This course addresses several topics to help officers recognize and avoid being manipulated.


Get Dynamic Driving Skills

Students who attend this one-day, intensive driving course, Dynamic Vehicle Operations, will focus on advanced vehicle operations, skid avoidance and recovery, emergency response, vehicle dynamics, and decision-making.


Lexipol daily training bulletins - 2017 CPT credit

As in years prior to 2016, the authority to approve training for 2017 CPT has been placed with each chief and sheriff.  With agencies doing their due diligence in correctly applying this authority, I have received questions about if the DTBS are appropriate to approve for 2017 CPT.   My reply has been that if you or your designee have reviewed the bulletin(s) and decide they "serve a recognized law enforcement purpose and have significant intellectual or practical content, the primary objective of which shall be to improve a participant's professional competence as peace officer or trooper (OAC 109:2-18-03​(A))," then the agency could use the DTBS towards CPT. 


Connect with Blue Courage

This free course is a shortened version of the Blue Courage leadership development workshop. 


We’ve Gone Paperless.

As of Jan. 1, 2017, the Peace Officer Training Academy is no longer printing advanced training certificates. The agency or officer may print certificates by logging into OHLEG.


Middletown Officers Climb Behind the Wheel for Emergency Driving Experience

Scenario-based training offered by the Attorney General’s Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) was highlighted in a recent article in the Journal-News of Butler County.


Learn More About Middle Eastern People and Culture

Many Ohio communities have growing populations from Middle Eastern countries or with ties to Middle Eastern culture. This course will educate officers on cultural norms and dispel common myths and misconceptions. In addition, participants will learn more about Islam, the religious practice of many people from Middle Eastern nations.


Get Certified as an Advanced Driving Instructor

Car crashes are one of the leading causes of line-of-duty deaths for police officers, which makes driving courses an important component of officer training and development. 


Gain Basic Hostage Negotiation Skills

Because a hostage-negotiation situation involves multiple units and officers, hostage negotiation takes a group effort. Each member of the team must carry out their role to make the best outcome a possibility: the safe retrieval of the perpetrator and victims.


New Criminal Record Disqualifer Entrance Standards

In September, in responses to recommendations from the Attorney General’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Training, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission approved amendments expanding the list of offenses that would disqualify someone from attending peace officer basic training found in Ohio Administrative Code section 109:2-1-03.  Those amendments have now also been approved by the legislature and will be effective for any peace officer basic training schools starting on or after January 1, 2017. 


Pre-entrance Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) Policy Change Effective 1/12/2017

In order to be eligible to attend POBT, prospective students are required to meet the 15th percentile of the Cooper Institute Standard for age and gender norms.  The pre-entrance PFA must be completed prior to the school’s opening audit and the score must be documented on the SF195bas.


Rolling Out New Course

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy is pleased to announce two new courses being offered in 2017.  These courses will be offered at six regional sites around the state.  And, there’s a change coming to how officers receive training certificates.


Opiate Overdose Death Investigations Training Seminar

Fatal heroin overdoses are leaving Ohio families and communities shattered. Law enforcement’s ability to effectively investigate overdose crime scenes and collect evidence is essential to hold traffickers accountable. 


Interacting With and De-Escalating the Special Needs Population

Law enforcement officers are often called to help in situations where a person is suffering a mental-health crisis. This one-day course is designed for those who have not received the most current training on dealing with people potentially suffering from mental illness.   

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