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POSTPONED Commanders' Conference, Nov. 6 and 13, 2017


OPOTC Commander,
Hopefully by now you realize there are two things you can expect from me, (1) openness and (2) I’ll reconsider my direction if new information shows the current direction may not lead to desired outcomes.
As you may have noticed from the subject line, we are postponing the commanders’ conferences on November 6 and 13.  Since we began planning these conferences, there have been other projects identified and approved which I’d like to be able to share with you.  They are just not far enough along to share within the next couple of weeks.  To make the best use of your time, we’ll hold off on the November 2017 conference dates and will look more towards the Summer of 2018 to get together.
A sneak peek of some of the changes we hope to share…

  • Regional professional standards teams in London – You’ll work with the same certification officer and admin professional regardless of your need/inquiry.
  • Basic training school forms – A big push to reduce them. 
  • Basic program manual format – A new look and easier to navigate.
  • Automated school administration – Tired of typing (and re-typing), printing, signing, and sending inches and inches of paper?  Wondering if ratios or hours are met or which instructors are certified to teach a topic?  We are planning a solution to these common problems.
Additionally, as mentioned below, I want this conference to be more than information sharing (which emails provide quite effectively).  I want it to have a training focus and present topics which will support your position as a commander and leader.  Plus, with renewal required for all commander certifications, we’d like to provide training you can use towards your renewal requirements.
Many of you have already registered for one of the November dates and will be receiving course cancellation notices.  There is nothing additional you’ll need to do.
Regards, Mary

Mary E. Davis, Executive Director
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission/Academy
Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Office number: 740-845-2700

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