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2018 Continuing Professional Training (CPT) - 0 hours


Agency Administrator,
Pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 109.803, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission is required to set a minimum number of hours for continuing professional training (CPT). The minimum number of hours is based upon funding available for reimbursement.  No funding is available for 2018.  Therefore, the commission is not mandating any CPT hours for 2018.  However, the commission does recommend each agency continue to build towards the 40 hours of annual advanced training for each of its officers and focus on specific topics, as recommended in the report issued by the Attorney General’s Advisory Group on Law Enforcement Training (see recommendations, 21-23). 
Topic recommendations from the advisory group include:

  • legal updates (i.e., case law, legislative changes)
  • community-police relationships (e.g., implicit bias, procedural justice, community diversity, agency transparency, generational issues)
  • mental health and crisis de-escalation
  • refresher training for perishable skills in a reality-based training environment
  • use of force policy review

 Mary E. Davis, Executive Director
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission/Academy
Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Office number: 740-845-2700

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