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2015 Continuing Professional Training (CPT) - 4 hours


Agency Administrator,

Based upon available funding for reimbursement, per Revised Code (R.C.) section  109.803, the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission has set the required minimum number of Continuing Professional Training (CPT) hours for calendar year 2015.  Between January 1, 2015 and December 31, 2015, every appointing authority shall require each of its appointed peace officers and troopers to complete 4 hours of CPT.  For public appointing authorities, as defined in Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) section 109:2-18-01(D), to be eligible for reimbursement of training costs, 1 hour of CPT must include critical subject training related to domestic violence with the remaining 3 hours related to general law enforcement and the public appointing authority must comply with the annual roster reporting requirements pursuant to R.C. 109.761(B). The reporting of the 2015 CPT hours will be reflected on your annual roster that is due by January 31, 2016.

As in previous years, continuing professional training is any training the agency administrator deems is directly related to the duties and responsibilities of a peace officer or trooper. The training must meet the requirements of OAC 109:2-18, serve a recognized law enforcement purpose, and have significant intellectual or practical content, the primary objective of which shall be to improve a participant's professional competence as a peace officer or trooper.

The Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy has many free and reduced cost course offerings available which may be used to fulfill CPT requirements.  By the end of October, the 2015 course catalog will be available for viewing on OHLEG and on the Attorney General’s website at http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Law-Enforcement/Ohio-Peace-Officer-Training-Academy/Course-Catalog.aspx.  As in previous years, new courses will be available on eOPOTA to fulfill the 1 hour domestic violence and 3 hours of general law enforcement training requirements.

Closer to year’s end, you will be sent the 2015 CPT General Information and FAQ’s document to assist you and your officers with fulfilling the 2015 requirements.  Please do not hesitate to contact the office at 740-845-2700 for questions or concerns.


Mary E. Davis, Executive Director
Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission/Academy

1650 St. Rt. 56 SW
London, Ohio  43140

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