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New OPOTC Probation and Parole Curriculum and Qualification Course of Fire - eff. 01/01/2014


APA, Probation Officer, and Peace Officer Basic Commanders,

The attached basic programs’ curriculum, including new qualification courses of fire, are approved and effective January 1, 2014.  The programs affected by the revised curriculum are Municipal Court Probation Officer, Common Pleas Court Probation Officer, and Adult Parole Authority.  All the qualification courses are to be used with the attached RQT-2 target.  Each course of fire is a minimum standard and will now align each program with the annual firearms requalification program as approved for RC 109.801.  This new qualification course of fire is 25 rounds, compared to the previous 68 round course.

In the near future, the attached lesson plans and PowerPoints for these programs will also be available on the internet through the www.ohleg.org website.  The score sheet is available at http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Files/Forms/Forms-for-Law-Enforcement/Law-Enforcement-Training-Forms .  We ask you and your instructors become accustomed to retrieving forms from the website to ensure the most recent version is being utilized.

As always, please contact your assigned Certification or Compliance Officer with any questions about how these changes may affect you.  You may also contact the Education and Policy Section, at 740-845-2700, for any specific curriculum questions.

Mary E. Davis, Deputy Director Education and Policy

Acting Executive Director

Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

PHONE: 740-845-2696

FAX: 866-578-0009

EMAIL: Mary.Davis@OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov

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