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2015 CPT General Information and FAQs


Agency Administrator,

As you are aware, there is a four hour continuing professional training (CPT) requirement for calendar year 2015.  The October 15th email announcement is attached for your review.  To assist you and your officers with fulfilling the requirement, a collection of commonly asked questions and general information has been compiled and is also attached.

In short, every appointed peace officer and trooper must complete 4 hours of CPT on or before December 31, 2015.  For a public appointing authority to be eligible for reimbursement of training costs, 1 hour of CPT must include critical subject training related to domestic violence while the remaining 3 hours may be related to general law enforcement topics.  Additionally, the public appointing authority must comply with the annual roster reporting requirements.

We’ve added the following eOPOTA courses to OHLEG, under the noted course categories, to assist in fulfilling the CPT requirements.  Written lesson plans for these new courses are also available by clicking on “OPOTC Curriculum” on the OHLEG homepage.

  • Domestic Violence with Lethality Factors (Patrol and Operations) – 1 hour of credit
  • Crisis Conflict Management (Patrol and Operations) – 1 hour of credit
  • 4-course Sexual Assault series (Crime Victim Series) – all four required for 1 hour of credit
    • Responding to Sexual Assault Module 1 - Realities Myths and Misconceptions
    • Responding to Sexual Assault Module 2 - Initial Response and Understanding Trauma
    • Responding To Sexual Assault Module 3 - Report Writing
    • Responding To Sexual Assault Module 4 - Evidence Collection
  • Crimes Against Children (Crime Victim Series) – 1 hour of credit - coming soon

You may also consider our traditional course offerings which can at http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Law-Enforcement/Ohio-Peace-Officer-Training-Academy/Course-Catalog.aspx

For further clarification or additional questions, contact Amber Jicha at Rosters@OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov or (740)845-2686.


Mary E. Davis

Executive Director - Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission/Academy

Office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine

Office number: 740-845-2700

Fax number: 866-578-0009


2015 Continuing Professional Training (CPT) - 4 hours, 10/15/14 Email
2015 CPT General Information and FAQs

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