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Description of Billing Process

It is important to the Attorney General that special counsel be paid in a quick and efficient manner. Below is a brief description of the billing process.
Getting Started
A matter is opened up for billing at the beginning of the assignment when the Attorney General’s Office sends special counsel an Assignment Letter, containing an AGO number. Special counsel submits invoices online in the TyMetrix 360 billing system. The assignment will be identified in TyMetrix 360 by the AGO number listed in the Assignment Letter. 
Special counsel is responsible for submitting monthly invoices through TyMetrix 360. After invoices are submitted, the Attorney General’s Office and State Entities review them by logging into TyMetrix 360.
Review Process
The Attorney General’s Office reviews each invoice to ensure that it is accurate. The Attorney General will not allow invoices to be paid that do not reflect the work performed by special counsel and conform to the retention agreement.
Invoices are typically reviewed by three reviewers: the State Entity, an Assistant Attorney General, and the Attorney General’s Invoice Administrator. Each reviewer has the option to approve, reject, or adjust the invoice. If the invoice is adjusted or rejected, a notice in TyMetrix 360 will be sent to special counsel. If the invoice is approved, the Invoice Administrator will send out the final approval letter to the State Entity.
Payment Process
Once an invoice is approved by each of the reviewers, the Invoice Administrator creates an approval letter. The approval letter is sent to the State Entity indicating that payment may be made to special counsel. At that point, the State Entity is free to pay special counsel for its services.