Poster of John Doe, #3138

John Doe, #3138

John Doe, #3138
  • Case number: 3138
  • Incident location: E. 84th St. and Quincy Avenue
    Cleveland, Ohio - Cuyahoga County
  • Incident date: 3/23/1969 - 3/24/1969 (Approximate)
  • Homicide date: 3/24/1969
  • Gender: Male
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black
  • Height: 6' 3", Measured
  • Weight: 147 lbs, Measured
  • Hair color: Unknown
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Law enforcement agency: Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office


On March 23, 1969, an unknown black male was located in the street at East 84th Street and Quincy Avenue. This man was admitted to Lakeside Hospital around 7:50 p.m. on 3-23-1969 and died 3-24-1969 at about 4:15 p.m. The manner of death was undetermined with a cause of death being violence of undetermined origin. This man was estimated to be between the ages of 45-50 years old. He had scars/marks described as; scar (1 3/8") on lateral aspect of left forearm, scar on sacrum "...puckered scar over the midline of the sacrum immediately superior to the coccyx and measuring 3/4" in greatest dimension." (In layman's terms - thumb sized dimple in middle of lower back - above the intergluteal crease).


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