Poster of John Doe, #3035

John Doe, #3035

John Doe, #3035
  • Case number: 3035
  • Incident location: 2033 East 69th Street
    Cleveland, Ohio - Cuyahoga County
  • Incident date: 3/10/1982
  • Homicide date: Unknown
  • Gender: Male
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black
  • Height: 68", measured
  • Weight: Cannot Estimate
  • Hair color: Grey
  • Law enforcement agency: Cuyahoga County Coroner's Office


On 03/10/1982, the body of a black male was found in an abandoned home at 2033 East 69th St., Cleveland, OH. The victim was approximately 55-75 years old and had a gray mustache and beard. This man was wearing an outer green work shirt with patch bearing "Loveland Herd Chrome Corporation", a gray V-neck undershirt with "red border", dark blue outer trousers, black trousers under the dark blue and white socks. He had two white metal rings, one on each hand.


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