Poster of Jane Doe, #187

Jane Doe, #187

Jane Doe, #187
  • Case number: 0187
  • Incident location: West London-Groveport Road along the west bank of the Scioto River
    Jackson Township, Ohio - Franklin County
  • Incident date: 8/9/1997
  • Homicide date: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Race/Ethnicity: Black
  • Law enforcement agency: Franklin County Sheriff's Office


The remains of an black female were found in the vicinity of West London-Groveport Rd. along the west bank of the Scioto River in Jackson Township, Franklin County, OH. The victim is estimated to be 60+ years old and was wearing a dark jacket, long sleeved sweater with six buttons, long sleeved shirt with flowers and red stripes, a burgundy shirt, a slip and a garter belt. DNA available for comparison.


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