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Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as meth, is a potent and highly addictive stimulant typically produced from over-the-counter cold medications and many other chemicals, including acids and rubbing alcohol. It is sold illegally in pill form, capsules, powder and chunks. The use of so many toxic chemicals in making meth unleashes dangerous airborne toxins; the drug’s unstable production can lead to fires and explosions.

Our Work

The Attorney General’s office, through its Bureau of Criminal Investigation, assists local law enforcement in fighting meth production and distribution in the following ways:

  • Conducting safety and awareness training.
  • Coordinating and conducting training for law enforcement personnel.
  • Responding to clandestine drug lab scenes.
  • Investigating clandestine labs.
  • Providing expert testimony in court.

For additional information on the Ohio Attorney General’s drug enforcement initiatives or to report suspicious criminal activity, contact the Bureau of Criminal Investigation at 800-282-DRUG or 800-282-3784.