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Telephone Solicitors

Updated 1/7/2021

Companies Currently Registered as Telephone Solicitors Under Telephone Solicitation Sales Act (TSSA)

The Attorney General has certified that the below businesses have submitted all requirements of R.C. 4719.01 et seq. By granting registration, the Attorney General is not explicitly or implicitly endorsing the products or services offered by the registered businesses.
Company Expiration Date State Line of Business
Grand Canyon University 1/21/22 Arizona Higher Education
Progressive Energy Consultants LLC 1/30/22 Florida Energy Supply Broker
The Heller Group 2/12/22 Texas Streaming Radio Services
Cinch Home Services 10/21/22 Florida Home Warranties 
Resort Sales Missouri 11/4/22 South Carolina Travel Club Services
Club Exploria 11/22/22 Florida Travel Club Services
HomeServe USA Corp.  12/6/22 Connecticut Home Services Contracts